Roof Repairs

Being a homeowner can be costly and having to replace your roof can add up if the roof is not properly maintained. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your roof has any potential problems from just looking at it. Shingles may be ugly and unsightly but not necessarily need replacing.

Many homeowners end up having to replace their roofs earlier than necessary simply due to lack of maintenance. Failing to maintain the roof properly can cost you thousands which could have been avoided with proper upkeep. Regularly inspection your roof can ensure you catch small repairs early, many of which are simple fixes that any homeowner can complete on their own.

Roof systems can deteriorate from normal wear; severe weather conditions (e.g. wind and snow loads); structural movement (e.g. settling, material contraction/expansion); and improper design, construction and maintenance.  Once the roof gets damaged, the underlying materials may become weak or compromised causing water leaks, reduction in energy efficiency and can result in increased damages to your interior finishes.

Improper valley Installation

Results of a roof leak.

Results of a roof leak.

New correct valley area was installed