Common Leak Issues

Asphalt shingles are pretty durable now days, made to endure most types of weather conditions; but no roof’s life expectancy can outlive the most severe weather.  A contractor may perhaps be able to repair or replace specific damaged shingles; but in some circumstances your roof may be past repairs.

Should you start to observe signs of damage or disproportionate wear on your roof, it’s vital to tackle it as soon as possible to keep water from trickling beneath and rotting the existing wood. Slighting any possible problems, even those that may seem insignificant, can steer yourself into unwarranted roof repairs.

Some of the more collective areas of roof repairs are inadequately sealed vent pipes, over time, the rubber seals around your vent pipes will deteriorate and require a “temporary” seal or the safest, most efficient choice would be to replace the collar.

Chimney flashings both step and counter flashing, if it pulls away or is damaged by weather conditions, water may leak into your attic eventually making its way to the interior of your home…

Skylights are a well-known for leaking.  There commonly due to either incorrect installation or flashing/rubber seals eventually wearing down.

A very common hoarder for debris such as leaves, branches, snow/ice are the valleys on a roof.  This area can be challenging at times. This is where your maintenance program comes into play.  By maintaining vulnerable areas such as the valleys will ensure the proper water movement, which in turn aids in your roof’s life probability.