Roof Inspection

Roof inspections involve a physical assessment of the current roof to determine its existing condition. The initial phase would be to identify any potential leak sources or moisture damage that could potentially generate future problems and very dangerous leaks to inside of the house. Early detection of leaks can extend the life of your current roof which is much more less expensive than installing a new roof. For all our future and past customers we recommend roof inspection Delaware to be done at least once a year and after every heavy weather condition.

Shingle Roofing Inspection

There are a few different types of roofs. Some of those more expensive roofs like metal roofs are more durable and last longer. With the durability also comes less maintenance. However the most important type of roofing in the area of our service: Delaware are shingle roofs. When checking a shingled roof, inspectors can look for vulnerable spots making use of specialty infrared tools that determine temperature variations. These temperature variations are frequently a great index of where a drip is probably to happen (or where a leak is currently occurring but isn’t yet apparent towards the naked eye). While this technology may determine issue places without really pressing the roof, it’s quite probably that the inspector may need use of both the loft as well as the top itself. Proper roof inspection is essential to avoid a premature roof installation and additional costs. You can get more information about roof inspections on the external page here.

Tile & Slate Roofing Inspection

For customer who you have a tile or slate roofing, an inspector will most likely not walk on it since the roof is really fragile. This does not imply, nevertheless, that your review may not be comprehensive. The inspector may use info collected from under the roof and the attic too. Comparable methods may also be utilized when analyzing other types of roofing. We have been successfully offering all kind of roof inspection Delaware and other surrounding areas. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please contact us via form or fill out the form.

Seasonal Roof Inspection Delaware

All United Roofing recommends roof inspections to be done at least once a year and after every heavy weather condition. However if you see signs of damaged roof like leaks or damages shingles don’t wait. Procrastination may cost you more if the leak causes more damages to your house. If you live in our service area: Delaware, New Jersey or Pennsylvania and you need a roof inspection or possible roof repair, contact us today.